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“Ladies and gentlemen,after a long hiatus…he’s back” , not my words rather those of p diddy on mase’s comeback. That aside, been on some sort of hibernation but now i’m back so y’all can “chillax”.

I’ve got so much to rant about i’m not sure where to start! Now i knw we kenyans are supposed to be trail blazers and all that b******t,but i thot that with every right comes a responsibility,so as much as Uhuru Kenyatta has the ryt to make a fool of himself where the hell is it written that he had to get us embarassed as well. How the hell does the Leader of official oppositon back the incumbent in an upcoming poll!!! What happened to the nascent democracy we were(yes it doesnt exist anymore) nurturing. I read somewhere that one is loyal to or atleast tries to uphold 3 pillars in their decision making:God-Country-Honour,unless Uhuru’s version reads God-Country-KIBAKI!!!!!!!!!!! coz he certainly doesnt have any honour

Now i’m a fan of Uhuru,so this may appear to be skewed but its coming from me,a uhuru admirer. I thought we (read MOI) had unearthed a gem in uhuru,what with all the “i shall not retreat into a tribal cocoon blah blah..”, but boy do we know how to pick them.

How else can we explain the fact that the lyks of J J kAMOTHO continue to occupy the annals of our history! Dont we have people with Stellar contributions to wave to the world!

As Jefferson once said ” i shudder when i think that the Lord is just”, and i truly fear for the fate of one uhuru kenyatta, in fact this is how he should have put his “political epitaph” coz he’s surely dead,politically of course: “NDUNGU ZANGUNI,DADA ZANGUNI,MAMA ZANGUNI NA BABA ZANGUNI,after much consultation with the party officials( read MOI) and expansive consultations with our members(read Gideon and Daniel Moi) i’ve decided that i’ll only run when i can win( read when Moi says so blah blah….yaaaawn

stay tuned for the next episode


Written by mashinc

September 14, 2007 at 1:59 pm

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  1. now that u r on KBW, ur posts will be filled with loungers waiting to comment. Karibu blogsphere.


    November 13, 2007 at 11:31 pm

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