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The cambridge online dictionary defines the word fad as “a tendency to like a style,activity or interest for a very short span of time”. It got me thinking of the kenya situation where we’ve had quite a few fads in the not so distant past. First came “afro-fusion”, the genre of music that got many waxing lyrical of how they were decolonising their minds and getting back to the motherland’s true musical exploits. Before you could even say mississippi,alas, the same persons had switched to another bandwagon…Hail the entry of “neo-soul”.

This seems to be the latest fad to have afflicted the kenyan populace…now from the leafy suburbs of Kileleshwa to the wanna-be lands of Buruburu we have folks declaring their undying interest in neo soul!! I should clarify that i have nothing against neo soul lovers at all, in fact i’m a neo soul fanatic, i only criticise those that do not see this engagement as a “labour of love”-that it takes dedication to come to terms with a new genre of music like this one.

That it is not enough to know that “Floetry” falls in the neo soul categorization, that one further needs to know that it is a group and not a person, not just a group but friends too….

I must give credence to the likes of Debbie Asila at Kiss fm, the poor girln had not much of a clue when she was slotted to host the reggae show on the station, but she now can proudly give anecdotes like how Movado is actually a true gangsta in lyfe and is just not singing about it….all this comes thru research…poor Seanice had no clue about sports but now hosts saturday sport with the likes of james wokabi at capital fm

what am i saying? Well if you want to seem to be in tune with the latest fads, get to know your thing, if not it will just be a fad


Written by mashinc

February 2, 2008 at 10:09 am

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  1. Yes that is the sad thing about KEnyans. Too many of us are all trend but no substance, see all the new Chelsea fans as an example.
    I dont want to toa you rangi but Floetry’s members are not sisters, they are just friends. Nice post though…..


    February 4, 2008 at 3:35 am

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